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Oil on canvas 2017 © 2022 Lynda Jones

Forthcoming exhibition

31 December 2016

I'm really busy working away towards a new show of my work which will be held 28th July 2017+ at The Round House, The Kymin , please see The New Leaf gallery site for more details of times and dates etc. I'm aiming for 12/13 finished paintings and drawings. As of today, 6 finished.....! 

Oil on canvas © 2022 Lynda Jones

Three Hills

26 September 2016

Repainted the sky on this one to warm the picture up. 


30 August 2016

I'm on Instagram now too at : lyndajonesmonmouth

Oil on canvas © 2022 Lynda Jones

Finally updated the website....

30 August 2016

I've finally added work to the site, sorry about the delay. All of the new paintings are dated from November 2016 to present. The pictures exhibited at the recent show in the Round House on the Kymin are included. I hope you like them!

A Garden in Wales 2015 © 2022 Lynda Jones

Finished !

23 July 2015

Apologies for not updating this blog more often! I've finished and delivered all the new work to The New Leaf Gallery in Monmouth . The show opens Friday night at 6pm -8pm and then continues until 1St September 2015. I've added the new pictures to my website. I think there's about 15 paintings going in it. 

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